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A night at the bar

Posted August 20, 2010 by daniel 5 Comments | Post a Comment

Some evenings can’t get much better. I’m such a sop for gatherings in the bar. This one tops the list however.

After a bit late stay at work, I stopped in at a wonderful source of draft Fullers London Porter, Bull McCabe’s. Laura called and I invited her to join the musings at a bar. Before she arrived, good friend Barry dropped in to catch the Twins game. The three of us chatted over a pint, while I awaited the arrival of dinner – veggie burger and salad. It’s true; I am trying to drop a few inches off the waist. When the cook, a good friend and consummate master burger maker delivered the plate to the bar, I took some abuse, much to my friends’ amusement.

Then the evening got very special. John, the cook, asked if I wanted to try some home made prosciutto. Are you kidding? After a veggie burger, hell yes. And it was very, good.  Amazingly soft for prosciutto. I hope you have enough imagination to sense what went on between the prosciutto and the Fuller’s Porter. A perfect match. I almost started whimpering. I excused myself from Laura and Barry, and headed to the kitchen in the most ingratiating fashion I could summon.

There was John with a grin on his face. “I knew you couldn’t hold out.” With all the grace I could muster, having been caught on the dark side, I asked for “more.” John laughed and said he’d fix up a plate with some slices of cheese and, bonus move, some corned beef he’d also made.

So here I am, after a fantastic, but long day at work, with a modern version of a Ploughman’s Plate and a classic English porter, and great company, sitting at a wooden bar. Now if that isn’t pure romance.

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    Damn! Wish I’d been there, also being a total sucker for prosciutto. Well, okay, I guess I wouldn’t have MINDED sitting at the bar with Daniel…

  2. 2

    You would have fit in perfectly, Maureen. Again, damn for all the distance between Durham and Ames.

  3. 3

    Sounds like a great bar. What’s it called?

  4. 4

    Bull McCabes, I think I put the url in the post, Alan.

  5. 5

    Glad you enjoyed the food, Dan. Unfortunately, you were not eating prosciutto. That was PASTRAMI. We have just begun curing and smoking pastrami in house, as well as our corned beef. Thanks for the mention in your blog, and I’m glad you like our bar.

    Bull McCabes

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